PageUp Talent Lab brings together HR thought-leaders, executives, business analysts and subject-matter experts to discuss and get to the heart of the many workforce challenges facing businesses today and set to challenge HR in the future. The brainchild of PageUp Global Research, Talent Lab was conceived as an opportunity to contribute to new, innovative thinking, helping HR and business leaders understand what it takes to bring the best out of people and get the results necessary to succeed.

A new Lab topic will be debated by our Talent Lab contributors each quarter and the outcomes published on the site for broader discussion.

As a Talent Management software provider, PageUp has been a thought-leader in the talent management space for many years, publishing materials and contributing to thought-practices in HR across the globe. We use thought-leadership and the feedback from the market to help us innovate and develop technology that aligns to where the industry is going. For more information about PageUp visit:

How do I join the PageUp Talent Lab?
Contributor entry to the Talent Lab is by invitation only, however, you can submit an expression of interest via our Contact form.