CEO Reflections on Employee Engagement

PageUp CEO Karen Cariss shares her reflections on Talent Lab 2: has the war for talent become a crusade for engagement?

What is the link between business performance and engagement? Both empirical research and anecdotal feedback confirms this relationship.

The discretionary effort of highly engaged employees unmistakably ties to high performance and productivity outputs. It comes down to unleashing talent.

Management accountability for building an engaged workplace culture sits at the core of an organisation’s ability to nail its business goals.

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Talent Lab 2 Whitepaper: “Has the war for talent become a crusade for engagement?”

Everyone is in pursuit of the same limited resource – the result is that talented workers enjoy choice and opportunity. With 73% of CEOs citing skill shortages at crisis levels, it is no longer enough for organisations to create an employee value proposition at an organisational level. To engage 21st century talent, the connection must be with the individual.

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